We simplify and automate development to make it more accessible for designers and product owners

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Why do we bet on simplicity, but not on a no-code?

For the last six years we've been working with a few teams trying to figure out how we can make improvements to the way we deliver software.

Here're the core actions we've been taking to help teams become exceptional at delivery:

  • Simplifying complex concepts; enabling Rapid learning.

  • Automating manual tasks; enabling Consistency.

  • Creating tools on top of that simplification and automation; enabling Efficiency and reducing the cost of change.

Our goal is to enable everyone in the team, engineers, designers, product owners, and QA to continuously contribute to the final product.

Our focus is on engineering flexibility. To avoid black-boxing we're making an IDE type of code editor, but with more approachable syntax and productivity tools. It's still code, just a simple one.

Control the final experience.

In our creative process, control is everything. When we have control, we arrive at a better solution faster, and we can achieve the exact results we want.

Why Precision UX?

Out of experimentation. Into the production.

List of detailed case studies with demo sites and walkthroughs that we've built over the last year using Views and Views Tools.

Built with Views

Simplicity lowers the risk dramatically

What have we managed to simplify?

App creation

Create production ready React Web and Native (Mobile) apps with a click of a button.

Live editing

Run the apps and see the final design as your users would see it. No more hand-off is needed.

Desin system

Access, manage, and create design system components that can be shared across React Web and Native projects.


Basic blocks like Vertical, Horizontal, Text, Image, Svg, and List to simplify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript layout complexities.

Dynamic blocks

Create your own React components from basic blocks and adjust them dynamically at the point of use.

Flexible imports

Use existing React components together with basic and dynamic blocks.

Stories driven state

A simplified state machine concept allows us to design patterns and reach beyond component driven design systems.

State visualisation

Graphical representation of our state machine model allows designers and POs make sense and changes to the flows.


Actions and connections between views are easy to make, change, and test in live, user facing applications.

Data definition

Declarative definition of data despite its source and a unified way of querying and changing it.

Data validation

Define custom logic to validate data provided by users.

UI animations

Use springs or regular curves to animate most layout properties.

What are we up against next?

De-risking product delivery is an infinite game


Git branching model is great for engineers, but introduces challenges for non-technical members of the team.

Data management

Dealing with schemas, events, queries, and databases is way too complicated and time consuming.

DevOps simplification

Current approach to handling infrastructure still requires lots of manual work, skill, and years of experience.

Library of patterns

It's counter productive to build components from scratch every time we need a new app.

Learning experience

It's hard to grasp new technology concepts without robust docs, training videos, and sample projects.

Design tools

All designers we've asked prefer to use design tools over writing code.

Smart errors

It's sometimes almost impossible to decipher console errors without spending lots of time on debugging the code.


Challenges will come up. We don't think we will ever be done redesigning development and making the magic happen.


What challenges do you face in product delivery?

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